Friday, November 20, 2015

It's A Flat And A Heel! Would You Wear These Strange, Adjustable Shoes?


It's hard to argue with style & comfort, but adjustable heels ? We need a time-out. But really, it's true: Niche footwear brand Camileon Heels offers "revolutionary heel technology" that allows you to go from comfy-commuter-low to cocktail-hour-high in three simple steps – allegedly. Billed as the "first shoe that transforms from a high-to-low heel in seconds," (yes, there's a video...see below) we'll admit that we've got our doubts about accessories with accessories, but their clientele seems happy. Really happy, judging by the testimonials on their homepage:

"I recommend highly and the shoe is worth the price. In fact I am ordering the shoe in brown." 

Another devotee asks, "May I do house parties to sell for you?"

A third shopper gushes, "I am now waiting for my black pair to arrive."

Well, with raves like that, who are we to argue?

A revival of their "classic" line from all the way back in 2007, Camileon is letting you snag a pair of these versatile shoes on their e-commerce site – but only for a limited time. The simple designs come in black, neutral, and red, and will run you from $99 to $129. Not too bad for a new pair of heels, but then again, they're not exactly Louboutins, are they?

It's definitely better than a pair of flip flops in your purse, but we're not totally sold on the concept of snap-on heels. What do you think? Cool shoe technology, or sidewalk face-plant waiting to happen?

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